Cbeebies Panto – Peter Pan – REVIEW

Two weeks ago, Abbey Home Media had kindly sent me another DVD entitled Cbeebies Panto – Peter Pan, which is intended for my little ones to enjoy.   I can’t thank them enough, it’s so nice of them to do such a kind gesture.  However, I was not obliged to make a review for this one though but with their generosity plus the delight and pleasure that my two kids had while watching the DVD, I think I owe this review to them.  In fact, I felt terrible as this post is rather late.  Anyhow, it’s better late than never, isn’t it?

First off, Cbeebies Panto – Peter Pan DVD has just been out in the market since 2nd November which can now be purchased in any of their Retailers with a RRP of £7.99.

If your kids are avid fans of Cbeebies same as mine, then I assume they must be familiar with the Cbeebies stars like the hilarious Justin Fletcher and many more… whom are the casts of this Panto which was staged at The Lowry in Salford.

The Panto is a perfect combination of music, laughter and the high-flying adventure as Peter Pan and his best friend Tinker Bell visited the home of the Darling Family, which then is the start of the children’s adventure to Neverland.  The children’s journey became a disaster when the naughty Captain Hook tried to capture the child- Wendy Darling and wanted her as their Mother, so as the Lost Boys and Girls in Neverland who wanted her as their Mother too.  Despite of the chaos, it still has a happy ending as expected it to be.

Cbeebies Panto is so amusing and exciting to watch as you get to see the other side of Cbeebies stars as they got dressed and portrayed their respective roles in a special magical story.   In fact, they actually have Cbeebies Panto Collection which is also out in the market available to buy.

Overall, both my kids  and even myself were certainly well entertained watching this DVD, it’s definitely worth it.  Besides, this could also be a great idea for a kid’s Christmas socks filler as well as a fantastic DVD to watch with the rest of the family whilst enjoying the festive season.

Does your kids love watching Cbeebies too?

Have you tried watching their Cbeebies Panto yet?

Disclaimer:  The item was kindly given by Abbey Home Media with no obligation to review.  However, all the images and opinions are entirely my own.


when Teacher spills the beans aka The Parent’s Night

I have been finding it difficult to catch up with making a blog post lately.    However, I don’t want to miss this one.  So, no matter how late this can be, I need to make a post about it as it’s part of Reimer’s firsts in Primary School.

Last week 15th of October was their schools’ Parent’s Night, the very first one since he started Big School.

What is Parent’s Night?

Parent’s Night is the time when Parents finally meet the Teacher.  Teacher will then discuss the kids’ academic progress in school for that certain period.  Otherwise described as when Teacher spills the beans.

That Parent’s Night was something we looked forward to as we wanted to know how Reimer has improved and developed academically at Big School.  It was really kind of mixed emotions, we’re both excited and at the same time anxious in case Teacher will tell us negative things about him which we expected a bit from him as he can sometimes be naughty.   I didn’t know how being a Parent can be stressful this way too.

When we arrived in the his Primary School, he confidently led the way going in to find his classroom.  We walked through the main entrance, then walked past reception, dining hall, couple of rooms, library and then to Primary 1 & 2 classrooms.  We waited patiently outside as his Teacher was still talking with another Parents inside the room.  Reimer seemed so restless, he was walking back and forth while peeking through the glass door once in a while.  He was probably tensed too I guess.

Then when it was our turn, his Teacher asked us to take a seat and she then put out a tray full of Reimer’s stuff.  She then pulled one folder/book one at a time and explained to us what it’s all about while showing us Reimer’s artwork, handwriting and various activities that they have done.  So far, the Teacher said he’s done really great, very good and truly confident in writing so as in counting numbers.  His Teacher also asked him some questions for reaffirmation  and he managed to answer her back pretty well.  We’re so happy with what we’ve heard so far.

However, one of the things that we looked forward to know most is his behavior in school.  Finally, when his Teacher asked if we have any questions, his Dad jumped at the chance and goes….

Daddy:  “How is his behavior?”

Teacher:   “He’s really behaving well, he shares with other kids, he waits for his turn”

I can just utter in disbelief, as he appears like a totally different kid in school and that the Teacher was like talking about someone else’s kid and not Reimer.   Anyhow, what a total relief!

How was your last Parent’s Night?


My Captured Moment #5

It’s link time again with Heledd over at Running in Lavender.

My Captured Moment for this week is a photo of my husband bathing baby Reimer for the first time in our humble home.

I find that moment worth cherishing because being first time parents, my husband and I had no idea what bringing up a child was all about back then.  We only knew it involved huge responsibility both financially and physically in general.  However,  it was the specifics of parental responsibility that surprisingly shocked us both.  The likes of simply giving baby a bath was actually an essential part of it.

Looking back to that time, I was truly glad and thankful to my dear husband, as he was more courageous than me.  I have to say, he happily embraced his fatherhood from the very first day.  Meanwhile, it was me who was such a coward, I was too scared to do it.  It was made worse as I was still aching with my post C-section incision.

I remembered from this photo, where we used to live in our old one bedroom house where there was not enough room to swing a cat.  That we even had him bathed in our living room, we just make do with using the ironing board as a stand for the baby bath.  It was a nerve-wracking first time experience and yet absolutely rewarding especially for him.  It definitely paid off the sweats he had! When our little lady was newly born, he also did the same.  He gave her the first bath at home.  Should I be embarrassed of myself?! I guess so.  But on the other hand, I’m so proud of him.Honestly, I have a discreet grin on my face looking at this photo now.  It shows how we’ve learned a lot as parents and how we progressed as a family too.