Cbeebies Panto – Peter Pan – REVIEW

Two weeks ago, Abbey Home Media had kindly sent me another DVD entitled Cbeebies Panto – Peter Pan, which is intended for my little ones to enjoy.   I can’t thank them enough, it’s so nice of them to do such a kind gesture.  However, I was not obliged to make a review for this one though but with their generosity plus the delight and pleasure that my two kids had while watching the DVD, I think I owe this review to them.  In fact, I felt terrible as this post is rather late.  Anyhow, it’s better late than never, isn’t it?

First off, Cbeebies Panto – Peter Pan DVD has just been out in the market since 2nd November which can now be purchased in any of their Retailers with a RRP of £7.99.

If your kids are avid fans of Cbeebies same as mine, then I assume they must be familiar with the Cbeebies stars like the hilarious Justin Fletcher and many more… whom are the casts of this Panto which was staged at The Lowry in Salford.

The Panto is a perfect combination of music, laughter and the high-flying adventure as Peter Pan and his best friend Tinker Bell visited the home of the Darling Family, which then is the start of the children’s adventure to Neverland.  The children’s journey became a disaster when the naughty Captain Hook tried to capture the child- Wendy Darling and wanted her as their Mother, so as the Lost Boys and Girls in Neverland who wanted her as their Mother too.  Despite of the chaos, it still has a happy ending as expected it to be.

Cbeebies Panto is so amusing and exciting to watch as you get to see the other side of Cbeebies stars as they got dressed and portrayed their respective roles in a special magical story.   In fact, they actually have Cbeebies Panto Collection which is also out in the market available to buy.

Overall, both my kids  and even myself were certainly well entertained watching this DVD, it’s definitely worth it.  Besides, this could also be a great idea for a kid’s Christmas socks filler as well as a fantastic DVD to watch with the rest of the family whilst enjoying the festive season.

Does your kids love watching Cbeebies too?

Have you tried watching their Cbeebies Panto yet?

Disclaimer:  The item was kindly given by Abbey Home Media with no obligation to review.  However, all the images and opinions are entirely my own.